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Facebook Ads in a Weekend •

I’ve been there too. My first Facebook Ads course left me overwhelmed and confused. My mission is to simplify ads, so you can learn it in just one weekend.

But you don’t know where to begin.

Ready to figure out FaceBook ads?

Let me cut right to the chase. Straightforward step-by-step videos reveal the exact ad funnels you need to start generating $$ in your business. Save time, avoid guesswork, and let's tackle Facebook Ads this weekend.

Facebook Ads for Your online shop in One Weekend

Goodbye Guesswork, Hello Proven Strategy


Understand your return on investment without any of the guesswork. I break down confusing metrics, so you know what’s truly profitable for you. 

Clear direction for your campaigns – target audience, budget, and audience size – all tailored for product-based businesses. 

Bite-sized videos simplify the mysterious eCommerce ads world. Watch as I reveal step-by-step the exact ad funnels that earned my clients $6 million in 2022.

Get ready for:

If ads feel like a foreign language to you, listen up!

Ready to stop wasting money on boosted posts?

Facebook Ads in a Weekend

  • Set up your Ad account the right way
  • Proper Facebook pixel installation

Tech Check

module 1:

Course breakdown:


  • A virtual walk-through Ads Manager. Let me show you what a campaign, ad set and ad is
  • How campaigns are structured
  • Settings that can save you money 
  • Budget recommendations (because nobody has precious dollars to waste on ads)

Navigating Ads Manager

Module 2:

  • The campaigns + ads you need to start generating $$
  • The exact funnels I used to generate over $6 million last year for my clients with Facebook Ads
  • Making your product stand out and crafting compelling ads
  • Ad templates I use to create ads that generate thousands of dollars every day while my clients sleep


Module 3:


  • Top 3 income-producing audiences I use in every campaign 
  • See the ads I test out for every eCommerce client of mine!
  • Retargeting ads (time to make some money by turning those people on the fence into loyal, repeat customers!)


Module 4:

How to know if ads are working + how to maximize your earnings $$

Set up customized columns so you know EXACTLY what your return on your ads is

Videos troubleshooting real ad campaigns


bonus content

Jenny has a gift for breaking down this technical and often overwhelming topic into bite sized pieces."

“I now have a solid understanding of how Facebook and Instagram ads work!

Online Store Owner


This was my first time running ads for a launch, and I felt very taken care of with her knowledge and support!” 

“I can confidently say working with Jenny has been one of the best investments

Artist + Course Creator


We have a consistent rate of return which has been enormously helpful as well."

"After working with Jenny, our business has grown significantly, 10x growth! 

Shopify store owner


"Jenny started working with me just before the holidays hit and has literally helped me quadruple my business’ income in 3 months. Quadruple."

Shopify store owner



Let me show you the EXACT ad funnel I built to generate over $800K for just one of my Shopify clients last year. It isn't rocket science, I promise you! 🚀

the proof is in the pudding

Meet Jenny

Facebook Ad Agency Owner for product based businesses, adventurer (no, seriously - I spent a few months last year in our RV traveling the country with my husband, our 2 little babes and our dog, all while serving my clients).

Me and my wonderful team helped our clients generate over
6 MILLION dollars in revenue in 2022 alone!

My why? Helping product based businesses grow to multi-six and seven figures, all while they get to enjoy more of this life they’ve worked so hard to build.

I've seen how revenue generated for my clients has completely transformed their lives.

From buying their dream home, to opening up the storefront of their dreams, to providing income their family can live off of, all while working a fraction of the time they were before.

All because of Facebook Ads that actually work for their online shop.

Jenny Parulski

Meet your host





Finally understand what’s driving profits in your ads, leaving behind the guessing game

Save precious hours by skipping YouTube searches for strategies, and start seeing order notifications rolling in. 

Gain a proven strategy to bring in sales — no more boosting posts and hoping for results.

When the course is complete, you will…

How does this sound?

Yes! I'm going to run through the exact funnels I use for all of my eCommerce clients AND how to understand your return on your ads. You'll be able to look back on your old campaigns and see pretty quickly what the issue was with your ads.

Nope! I start from the ground up and will cut to the good stuff - exactly what you need to know to feel confident setting up your own ads for your product based business.

Definitely, we cover that too!

To keep the cost of Product Based Facebook Ads In a Weekend affordable, 1:1 support is not included in the purchase of this product. That being said, I do offer 1:1 sessions. You can learn more about them here!