Ad Campaign Audit | Two items to watch out for in your next Facebook Ad campaign

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Ad Campaign Audit | Two items to watch out for in your next Facebook Ad campaign

Setting up testing within Facebook Ads is one of the best ways to ensure you’re putting your ads towards what’s working best with your ad account. If you’re not testing out multiple audiences and ad formats (think carousel, video, single image, etc.), you’re leaving money on the table, and who has the budget for that?!

Here is part 2 from an ad audit I did for one of my clients as part of their 1:1 session. Here you’ll see my stream of conscience as I go through to ensure audience and ad testing is performing as it should!

Audience Testing

The first thing I check on in this video is my client’s audience performance within the ad sets. We set up a couple different audiences in the initial set up of her campaign. I always recommend doing this right out the gate so that you can determine which audience yields the best return!

The audiences we tested were:

1) Lookalike to Purchasers (this is typically a very successful audience for my e-commerce clients!!)

2) An interest-based audience 

3) Retargeting to website visitors 

The link click through rate looks phenomenal for her ad sets, so we are starting off this campaign on the right foot! The link click through rate is above 3%, which is phenomenal.That means that people are resonating with the image and verbiage we're using in the ads.

TipShoot for at least a 1% link CTR for cold traffic!


Testing Carousel vs. Image 

The next item I checked on today was  our   carousel   ad performance vs.   single image ad performance.

Facebook Ad carousel

The big takeaway here was that Facebook did not feed out the budget evenly! This is very common and I decided to manually feed the budget out to the single image, to ensure impressions were delivered. Once I have around 1,500 impressions, I’ll have a good gauge of which type of ad will perform better in the end run!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for part 3 of the campaign audit I performed for this client.

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