How to Create an Advertising Funnel

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How to Create an Advertising Funnel

Hey friends! It's Jenny from Ads Uncorked.

Today I want to talk about advertising funnels. SO many people struggle with this because they don't know what an advertising funnel is and I want to break it down into simpler terms so you can create a funnel that works for your business.

If you are sending out just one ad at a time, you're likely missing out on other opportunities. It's not necessarily bad to just run a one-off ad, but really,
you should be thinking aboutwhy you are running the ad and what else can you run to support your overall goals.

For example, let's say you have an awesome freebie you'd like to run ads for, so that you can serve an audience, get them into your email funnel, then eventually ask them to book you for a 1:1 or try to get them to purchase an item for you.

Here are a couple ways that you can build out a funnel to help support your overall goals with ads. 

1) Think of re-engaging

What's really smart to do is think of the bigger picture. If you're looking to grow an email list, great. Go ahead, push people to your freebie, have them opt-in, and now they're then in an email funnel of yours. From here, we need to think about the best way to re-engage with these same people through retargeting ads, and what step we'd encourage them to take next. 

2) The discount or offer

If people made it to your site, are followers, or are on your email list, but haven't purchased from you, can you send them an ad with a slight discount to encourage them to purchase?
This is key to increasing your conversions!

I'm sure you've seen this before. You go to someone's website and then the next day you receive an ad with a discount code for 10% off your next order. The power of creating an advertising funnel that first connects with people, then asks for a conversion is HUGE. You will see the greatest return when retargeting to the audiences you've already nurtured.

What I want to encourage you to do is go ahead and actually create a funnel that starts with step 1, but leads into a second step, a bigger part of the picture, so you can captivate on all of the traction that's coming in, all the people opting into your email list, and all of your web traffic.Whatever ad you're running, I want you to think of it as a funnel.

At the  top of the funnel, we're reaching anyone who is potentially interested in your business. At the bottom of the funnel, we are retargeting, we're reaching people who are warm to your business. They've either opted in to an email sequence of yours, or maybe they've been to your site but haven’t purchased.

Again, top of the funnel is reaching out to those potentially interested in your offer, andbottom of the funnel piece is retargetingto people who know about you and the value you provide, and you're going to want to sweeten the deal for these individuals. You want tostay top of mind by giving them an offer that's too good to resist.

That's all for now! PS-Did you know Ads Uncorked has a shop with easy-to-follow video tutorials?! Learn how to master Facebook Ad funnels, tracking return on ad spend and so much more here.