Understand Your Return on Facebook Ads | Setting up Custom Columns

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Understand Your Return on Facebook Ads | Setting up Custom Columns

When you set your ads live, it’s crucial to understand what stats you should keep tabs on, what they mean and where to find them. In this brief tutorial I’ll show you how you can customize your reporting columns to show exactly which stats are most important to you, like purchases, adds to cart and $$$ earned! 

So which stats are the most important to look at?? I thought you’d never ask! Let’s dive in. Here’s a quick tutorial from an ad check in I did with a customer who purchased myFacebook Ads course (an ad check in from me is FREE with code  BLOG, for a limited time!)

Link CTR (Link Click Through Rate)

First and foremost, Link Click Through Rate is a BIG one. This is the rate at which people are clicking through and making it to your website. We want to shoot for a bare minimum of 1%. In this example, the client is sitting at 3.6%, which is perfect and that means that the graphic, images and verbiage are resonating.

If you click on the “Performance and Clicks” column, you’ll see a column titled  Link Click Through Rate.

Customize Columns with Purchase Data

Now let’s talk about customizing your columns to see the info I know you’re dying to see, like Purchase data, opt ins, and adds to cart.

We’re talking purchases, adds to cart, even your return. YES, Facebook can still tell you this! 

It’s messier than it used to be, but you can still see a good amount of this info within Facebook Ads Manager. 

  1. Open up the “Custom Columns” option.
    Here is where you can set up your columns to show you adds to cart, purchases, return on ad spend, number of opt-ins, or whatever is most important to you!
  2. Select the metrics you’d like to see, then click “Save as preset”
  3. Next time you’re in Ads Manager, this custom report and metrics will be ready for you under your reporting views!

If only I would’ve known this column existed back when I was a beginner at Facebook Ads. This would have saved me a lot of headache and I hope it saves your sanity, too!!

Keep in mind that delayed attribution is a really big, hot topic for Facebook ads right now. That means that someone might take action, but Facebook may not report it for a few days.Just make sure you pop into Facebook Ads Manager every day or so to see if there are purchases that are reported that may not have been there a couple days earlier!

Have more questions? Shoot me a DM on  Instagramand I’d be happy to answer your top questions about Facebook Ads.