Understanding + Installing Facebook Pixel

2 min read

Your guide to understanding and installing Facebook Pixel on your website.

What is a Facebook Pixel? Why does your website absolutely need it? How in the world do you install it on your site? 

A Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that is installed on your website and it tracks everything. Seriously, it tracks everything! When someone visits your site, Facebook gathers information about them and their interests, other websites they visit and their purchasing habits. Trust me when I say, you not only want this on your website but you need it!

Think about this, if someone comes to your site and clicks to make an appointment but never finishes the process to book with you, you may never know, but the Facebook Pixel does! Even if you don’t plan on running Facebook Ads for months, the data will still be available from all that time so when you create your targeting strategy for ads, you can target those who have already shown an interest in your website, services, or products, to encourage them  to complete the final step in the sales funnel you’ve worked so hard to create.

Now, how the heck do you install it? 

Before we get started, take a deep breath, I promise it isn’t as terrifying as it seems!

I know I said the super scary phrase, ‘piece of code’, but Facebook makes it easy to install. Facebook created a step-by-step instruction guide with pictures of the installation process and luckily, that’s not the only pixel resource you have at your fingertips! 

Check out my video tutorial on installing Facebook Pixel that walks you through everything you need to know here!

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