What is Google Analytics + How to Install It On Your Website

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What is Google Analytics + How to Install It On Your Website

Google Analytics is something I help my clients get set up with on their sites because it helps us get a holistic view of what’s happening on the site. The pixel helps us with retargeting, get quick stats about sales, sign ups, clicks, etc., but Google Analytics works to help us see what pages people are visiting on our websites, conversion tracking, if people are coming from social media, organically, or through email marketing efforts, and so much more!

Let’s dive into how to get a Google Analytics tracking code on your website. It looks a little different on various sites, but today I’m going to show you how to get it installed on a Shopify site. Know that if you have a different type of website, a simple google search will show you how to get it on your website. Generally speaking, it’ll look something similar to what’s below: 

1) Set up your free Google Analytics account at analtyics.google.com

You’ll see after you set up your GA account that no data is being tracked because your Analytics code hasn’t been installed on your site yet.

2) Creating a Google Analytics Tracking ID

  • Head to Admin on the bottom left hand corner
  • Click on “Property Settings”
Grab the Tracking ID (it started with UA-_______)

3) Installing Google Analytics on Your Website

This will look different from site to site, so if you don’t have a Shopify site, simply Google how to install your Google Analytics Tracking Id on your site. That being said, here are directions on how to install your GA Tracking Id on a Shopify website.

  1. Online Store
  2. Preferences
  3. Copy and paste your Tracking Id under the “Google Analytics” section

4. Ensure your tracking code is installed properly.

To know if you successfully installed your tracking, refresh your site and Google Analytics. Next, install Google Tag Assistant, which is a free Google Chrome Extension. After you have Google Tag Assistant installed, Tag Assistant will show you all of the tags that are populating on your website.

After completing these steps, you’re all set up and ready to dive into your website behavior, whether you’re running ads or not. PS-Did you know Ads Uncorked has a shop with easy-to-follow video tutorials?! Learn the basics of Facebook + Instagram Ads, how to create Facebook Ad funnels, tracking return on ad spend and so much more here.

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