What You Need To Know Before Running Paid Ads

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What You Need To Know Before Running Paid Ads

I hear many business owners with misconceptions about ads and how to run them and this can lead to you wasting your hard-earned money on ads that aren’t performing well. Let’s chat about what you need to have in place BEFORE you even create an ad so that you get the best return on your investment!

1. Have a Plan In Place For Tracking

The first thing you have to set up is tracking for your ads.
• What metric is most important to you for that specific ad?
• How are you going to track it?
• What is your goal with the ad?

These are some questions you can ask yourself when creating an ad and remember boosting is NOT the same thing as creating an ad! Boosting a post is okay for very specific circumstances like a one-day sale, but it's not meant to take the place of an on-going ad strategy!

2. Make Sure the Facebook Pixel is Installed

The Facebook Pixel seems like a scary thing to have to add to your site, but it is actually SUPER simple to install on your site! This tool will help you measure what you decided to measure in the first step. If you decide you want to measure 'adds to cart' this will give you the ability to actually measure that data!

If you are unsure how to set up the Facebook Pixel, we have a free video tutorial for you here! Adding this to your site will take about 10-15 minutes and gives you invaluable data on the return on your ad spend and a way to create retargeting ads!

3. Remember: Ads Take Time

The next step is remembering that ads do take time. Promoting a post for 1-2 days will not get you the results that will give you and your online store longterm success. You have to be prepared to run an ad for 2-4 weeks so that you can gather great results, be able to understand them, and create ads that are tailored to your most responsive audience.

4. A Boost is Not an Ad

This is another thing to keep in mind! A boost is NOT an ad. To get further in detail about this, I have another blog post with a video tutorial explaining the differences and what each are best for and you can find that here! Creating an ad is part of the bigger picture. It gives you data on your audience, you customers, the types of content that converts, but a boost will only help you get clicks without being able to collect the invaluable data that ads give you!

In summary, it all starts with knowing what you're tracking and having the pixel installed properly on your site so you can understand your return on your investment!! Grab my free Facebook Pixel tutorial here.

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