eCommerce Intermediate + Advanced Facebook Ads

As someone who sells product online (digital or physical product), it's crucial to run ads that show a positive return on your money spent. That's why I created this video bundle pack just for shop owners. This bundle is for you if you know your way around Facebook Ads Manager, but you know it's time to focus in on your return on ad spend, how to optimize your ads to save money, and how to create funnels that convert.

Here's a breakdown of what's included:
Module 1
Retargeting and advanced audiences, top audiences to use

Modules 2 and 3
Split testing, optimizing ads, conversion tracking

Module 4
Tracking, Metrics and Analyzing Results

Module 5
Exclusion Audiences, ads to grow Instagram following, ads for local events, Campaign Budget Optimization, nurturing sequences

-How to create an eCommerce ads funnel
-Top audiences for eCommerce
-Live optimization of an eCommerce campaign


For a limited time, I am also including my Quick Reference Guide ($127 guide) for FREE, which includes:

Tips on nurturing sequences

Ad Copies Spreadsheet template

Tips on creating graphics

How to duplicate ads quickly

How to set up tracking

How to customize reporting columns to gauge ROI easier

How to optimize your ads to save money



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