Quick Start Guide for Facebook + Instagram Ads


Ready to eliminate the overwhelm of Ads Manager and save hundreds of dollars with trial and error on your ads?

I’ve created a Quick Start Guide for Instagram + Facebook Ads, which is essentially a streamlined cheat sheet to get you up and running quickly with your next ad campaign. This guide has easy-to-follow video tutorials show you my screen and show you EXACTLY what to click, who to target, what to say in your ads.  

What’s in the Quick Start Guide?

Digestible videos (13 of them to be exact) and links to spreadsheets to get your advertising ducks in a row and your ad plan created

What content is covered?
-Best audiences to use

-How to create retargeting ads

-How to create an advertising funnel

-How to write ad copy that converts

-How to create graphics that convert for your ads

-How to optimize your ads and ensure you’re not wasting money

And so much more. 

I created this guide for YOU out of necessity. I haven’t seen any other businesses clear up the confusion in a way that makes sense. Do you feel me?? There’s SO much info out there and it’s overwhelming knowing where to start. My Guide cuts to the good stuff; what you need to know to confidently get up and running with ads. 


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