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Who to target, how much to spend, and how long I'm running ads this Black Friday season.

black friday facebook ad™ playbook

Would you run Facebook Ads™ this Black Friday if you had a game plan in place? 

You'd stop boosting posts, praying some sales come in and you'd save hours going down the YouTube rabbit hole trying to piece together a plan.

Need a game plan for this Black Friday?


You knew whether or not your business was ready for Facebook Ads™

How long to run ads for

How much to spend on your ads

You knew exactly who to target

imagine if...


No need to throw spaghetti at the wall, spend hours on YouTube, and waste money on audiences that won't convert. 

I have you covered with the exact audience, budget and timeline I use to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients during Black Friday. 

With some guidance, you can go into Black Friday with a game plan this year.

Maybe you've played around with the idea of ads, but you really aren't sure what an actual strategy looks like.

Jenny has a gift for breaking down this technical and often overwhelming topic into bite sized pieces."

“I now have a solid understanding of how Facebook and Instagram ads work!

Online Store Owner


This was my first time running ads for a launch, and I felt very taken care of with her knowledge and support!” 

“I can confidently say working with Jenny has been one of the best investments

Artist + Course Creator


We have a consistent rate of return which has been enormously helpful as well."

"After working with Jenny, our business has grown significantly, 10x growth! 

Shopify store owner


"Jenny started working with me just before the holidays hit and has literally helped me quadruple my business’ income in 3 months. Quadruple."

Shopify store owner



Ready to have a Facebook Ad™ plan in place this Black Friday and holiday season? 

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How to prep for and know you're ready for Facebook Ads™.

How long to run Facebook Ads™ for this holiday season.

How much to spend on Black Friday ads™.

Who to target this Black Friday in Facebook Ads™.

What's inside the Black Friday Facebook Ad™ Playbook?

Me and my wonderful team helped our clients generate over 6 MILLION dollars in revenue last year alone! My why? Helping product based businesses grow to multi-six and seven figures, all while they get to enjoy more of this life they’ve worked so hard to build.

I've seen how revenue generated for my clients has completely transformed their lives. From buying their dream home, to opening up the storefront of their dreams, to providing income their family can live off of, all while working a fraction of the time they were before.

All because of Facebook Ads™ that actually work for their online shop.

(no, seriously - I spent a few months last year in our RV traveling the country with my husband, our 2 little babes and our dog, all while serving my clients).

Facebook Ad™ Agency Owner for product based businesses, adventurer