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They were afraid to sink money into another platform that wouldn’t yield a solid return. But the outcomes showcased below left them delightfully amazed. 

Client 3

With changes implemented after our website audit, targeted marketing, user-generated content, and strategically built funnel, this Shopify store has hit their first milliondollar year in business.

Client 2

Because of our qualified traffic generation, A/B testing, and retargeting ad funnels, this Shopify client’s multi-7-figure goal became a remarkable reality.

Client 1

The proof is in the pudding.


Kevin G., Mongoose Brand Manager

"Not only did she work lockstep with the brand on getting remarketing in place to drive traffic and sales for DTC, but she also setup the brand's Google AdWords, TikTok and YouTube ad accounts and ran success campaigns on each platform."

"Jenny took the Mongoose brand's digital advertising strategy to the next level."

Levi M., Center of the West

"Ads Uncorked makes social ads easier than ever! Jenny and her team have created a social ads service that feels automated while still providing friendly and personal customer service." 

"I can spend my time working on other things and know my ads have 2x the ROI of any of my other channels!"

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