How to Determine Characteristics of Facebook Page Followers for Targeting

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How to Determine Characteristics of Facebook Page Followers for Targeting

Struggling with putting together the perfect audience for your campaign? Unsure if you’re sending your ads to the right people? Delivering your ads to the right audience is crucial to the success of your Facebook Ads. Today I’m going to show you how you can use Facebook’s Audience Insights to know exactly who your Page followers are made up of, so you can feel confident in your audience targeting for your ads.

One of the best (and worst) things about Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities is that the options are endless. It can be overwhelming knowing where to even begin. One of the places I recommend starting at is in the Audience Insights section. With Audience Insights, you can see exactly who likes your Page, down to the details of their age, gender, Page likes, relationship status, and so much more. Let’s dive into how you can see this information.

  1. Head to Ads Manager, click on the three horizontal bars on the top left corner, and select “Audience Insights.” You can also type in directly into your browser to access Audience Insights.

2.  Select “People connected to your Page.”

3.  Enter in the Facebook Page you want to analyze.
Facebook will ask you to enter in the name of your Facebook Page on the bottom left side of the page. To understand the characteristics of those who you, enter in your Facebook Page.

4. Dig through the data – Page Likes

Facebook will now give you a wealth of information regarding those that follow your Facebook Page. You can click through the tabs to see demographic information, Page Likes, Relationship Status, Job Titles, and so much more. 

I love starting with the Page Likes tab. Here you can see exactly what other businesses your followers are interested in on Facebook, which generally are targeting options available to you within Ads Manager.

If you scroll down a little more, you can see the exact Page Likes, as well as the “Affinity,” which is Facebook’s fancy way of telling you how likely someone is to like a certain Page on Facebook compared to everyone else on Facebook. Take a look.

This is the point where I open up a word document or spreadsheet and jot down all of the relevant Page Likes that I’d like to use.

5. Other areas to look at

From here, I’d recommend clicking around on all of the other tabs, like Job Title, Location, and Activity. All of these tabs provide useful information, to help you put together the perfect cold audience to test out.

Demographics > Job Title

One of my favorite sections to look at is job title! Job titles are one of the targeting options for your Facebook Ads, so I’d recommend taking looking to see if there is a common thread between people who like your Page!

Activity Tab

Another favorite section of mine is within the Activity Tab. Here you can even drill down to what Device (Desktop, iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.) people are using! Again, record this information to use it when you’re crafting an audience within Ads Manager!


6.  Interested in putting together an ideal audience and not using your Page Followers?

Back at step 2, you can select “Everyone on Facebook” and actually put together an audience based on characteristics you know your ideal customer has.

Over on the left hand side, I’d recommend starting with location (where they live) and then selecting a couple interests from there. You’ll see that Facebook guides you in available options of possible interests.

As you type in interests, Facebook will populate all of the information we covered above, like Page Likes, Activity, and Demographics.

So there you have it. Audience Insights can provide very useful information as to who you will want to target on Facebook. I always recommend split testing multiple audiences, and will dive into that in another blog post, but this is a great way to develop a cold audience based on your ideal customer.

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