What Is a Nurturing Sequence?

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What is a nurturing sequence and how do you create one?

Let’s chat about nurturing sequences! Nurturing sequences are important in your online advertising as well as your email marketing campaigns. It is so common among business owners to think that if they get their content in front of a lot of eyes, it will automatically result in sales. This is true for some lucky business owners, but what truly needs to be behind your ads (and social media strategy in general) is a nurturing sequence both within your ads and your email marketing strategy!  

Before we dive into defining what a nurturing sequence is, think about this question:

What value can you provide to individuals that are seeing your ad? 

3 Steps in a Nurturing Sequence

  1. Give value to your audience BEFORE you ask for the sale!
    Providing value in this way is HUGE! You can provide value through things like relevant blog posts, behind the scenes videos, or favorite resources they would find helpful.
  2. Build credibility
    This can come in the form of testimonials or reviews from happy clients. Give them free, valuable content and then let them know why others think you’re so awesome!
  3. Create a limited time offer or discount
    This could be anything from a percentage off discount on services, a coupon or even a complimentary call or session with you. 

Start with letting others get to know you and your business, a serve them through a nurturing sequence. This process will bring them from someone who knows nothing about you, to someone who knows and wants your content, which means they'll be MUCH more likely to covert. 

It’s important to take this approach in your online advertising, retargeting ads, and email marketing so that you get quality leads who turn into lifelong advocates of your brand!  

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