3 Things You Need Before Running Facebook Ads

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Top 3 things you need before running facebook ads

Email lists are gold in the digital marketing world! Think of it like this, your email list is people who have said, “Yes, please keep sending me the awesome content you create!”, and when that happens, that should tell you that they find an interest in what you are creating or selling. This means your entire email list is a list of amazing leads! 

So before you create that beautiful ad on Facebook and Instagram to grow your email list, let’s make sure you have some behind-the-scenes “must-haves” completed to help you avoid wasting any money on ads!

3 things you need in place before running a Facebook Ad to grow your email list:

1. Have a freebie 

People are interested in picking your brain and gaining something valuable from you when joining your email list. What problem can you solve for your ideal audience that you can create and offer to them for free?  If you’re unsure, ask! There is no better way to create content that your audience needs than to ask them what that is. You can ask on social media, in Facebook groups, on your Instagram stories, really anywhere! 

2. Automate your welcome email sequence

Make sure you have a welcome email and a sequence of emails in place for those who signed up for your email list. The first email will include the freebie they opted into but, then make sure you're following up the next week or two with additional useful content. Things like blog posts, resources, answers to FAQs and behind the scenes of your business are great places to start!

    3. Have a simple landing page

    You may be thinking that you need to create a landing page that has all the information and provides so much value to those arriving there, but the good news is...you don’t! A great place to start is a basic landing page with an image, title, and an email sign-up form. Seriously, that’s it!

    You can check out my simple landing page and sign up here to get more free resources to help you master your Facebook and Instagram ads! 

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