1) Digestible Videos
Designed to get you up to speed with Facebook Ads for your Shopify store in just one weekend. Watch over my shoulder as I break down step-by-step the exact ecommerce Ad funnel that generated over $6 million for my clients last year.

2) Direction In Your Campaigns

Wondering who to target, how much to spend, and how big your audiences should be? Let's walk through it together!

3) Understanding of Your Return

Say "goodbye" to confusing metrics and guessing whether or not ads are working. Let me break down how to instantly know what you're looking at and what's actually generating a profitfor you.

Sound too good to be true? It's not. Read on 👀


Hi, I’m Jenny!

Facebook Ad Strategist for product based businesses, adventurer (no, seriously - I spent a few months last year in our RV traveling the country with my husband, our 2 little babes and our dog, all while serving my clients).

Me and my wonderful team helped our clients generate over 6 MILLION dollars in revenue last year alone!

My why?

Helping product based businesses grow to multi-six and seven figures, all while they get to enjoy more of this life they’ve worked so hard to build.

I've seen how revenue generated for my clients has completely transformed their lives.

From buying their dream home, to opening up the storefront of their dreams, to providing income their family can live off of, all while working a fraction of the time they were before.

All because of Facebook Ads that actually work for their online shop.

Facebook Ads in a Weekend is what I've learned from spending over $10 million dollars, all bottled up into video to help you get your shop selling at the next level you've been dreaming of.



“I now have a solid understanding of how Facebook and Instagram ads work! Jenny was so thorough in making sure I had my target audiences, budget and messaging set up for success before I launched my ads. She has a gift for breaking down this technical and often overwhelming topic into bite sized pieces and she really personalized her advice to my specific needs.
Brittney B.
“Jenny is a fantastic teacher and her 1-on-1 support with my campaign questions has been invaluable for my business and ads!! Whether you’re a beginner or an ad-pro, this course is full of amazing knowledge and tips to make your business’ ads as successful as possible!”

Ready to create ads set up for your Shopify store this weekend?

I've cut through the confusion in Ads Manager and recorded a series of video tutorials walking you through the entire ad process. Whether you’re a complete beginner or if you have dabbled in Ads Manager, these tutorials will give you the confidence to know you're creating ads with an actual strategy in place.