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Hey there, it’s Jenny from Ads Uncorked!

One of the questions that I got emailed by a follower recently was what kind of ads should you run on Facebook and Instagram

This is a fantastic question! I know when you jump inside of Ads Manager, there are SO many different options and it is overwhelming knowing where to even start with what kind of ad should you run and what’s effective. I thought I would pull together the top four ads that I’m running these days for my clients. Keep in mind, this is just a sample of the top ads I’m running right now — there are so many other types of ads!

I thought I’d at least get you started with what’s working for Facebook Ads management in 2020. Hopefully this plants the seed of what kind of ads can you run for yourself, and what’s worth your mental energy to put some thought into.

1. Facebook Ads to Grow Your Email List

The first kind of ad that we are going to talk about is email list growth. Now maybe you thought about this, maybe you haven’t, but something to consider is running ads on Facebook and Instagram. I’m talking about you giving away some kind of free content to viewers in exchange for an email address. 

Maybe it’s a freebie that you have, maybe it’s a popular blog post of yours, maybe it’s an e-book, maybe it’s a live event that you’re doing. It’s time to get thinking about what kind of free value can you provide to someone. With this paid social media advertising strategy, you can then go ahead and push your offerings as people gain trust in you and know more about you.

2. Facebook Ads for eCommerce (to Sell a Digital or Physical Product)

Another type of effective ad type is using ads to sell a product. This can be a physical product or a digital product. I run ads for my clients and I help coach people on how to run their own ads for digital products as well as physical product. These are extremely effective, especially when you’re also running retargeting ads. When running ads effectively, eCommerce ads can be very lucrative.

3. Facebook Ads for Events

Another very popular ad type I help clients with is for events. In fact, I talked to a couple business owners just today about running ads for their events. If you have an event coming up, absolutely run some Facebook ads!! This can be for in-person events, like if you’re having a day camp, a special gala, an open house, or really any type of event you can think of. It doesn’t matter if your event is paid or free. 

I love coaching business owners on this type of Facebook Ads management strategy and how they can effectively run ads for themselves for events — it’s a type of ad that you can learn how to do on your own successfully.

4. Facebook Ads for Brand Awareness and Traffic

The last ad type is ads for business owners that are a newer brand and people don’t necessarily know about them. Using brand awareness ads is a great way to get your message out in front of a large group of people. Some other business owners may want general brand awareness built, but also would like to drive traffic to their website. You can run Facebook ads to send qualified traffic to your website as well!

I hope this gets your wheels turning and gets you thinking about some of the types of ads that you can run for your own business. But if you’d rather someone else take the Facebook ads management reins, check out my services page to see how I can help.

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My passion lies in helping eCommerce brands achieve big goals through results-driven Facebook Ads. As a former math teacher turned numbers nerd, I’ve found my calling in empowering other business owners while cherishing my own family time. I founded Ads Uncorked to grant you more family time while you toast to a stress-free ad experience with our team.

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