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What Your Landing Page Should Have: Key Elements

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Having a landing page that converts web visitors into email list subscribers, and eventually into customers is one of the best ways to grow your authority in your industry, as well as build trust with your audience.

But is your landing page optimized and converting as well as it could be? If not, you are missing out on potential customers and clients. I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners to update their landing pages and grow their email lists, and I’ve compiled a few key tips for you below.

You put so much time into your course, webinar and products because you want to provide your audience with amazing value, so why are you not putting that same attention into the page that gets them to sign-up for your offer?

Let’s tweak that landing page of yours, shall we? Here a recap from the video above with a few key elements to include in your landing page:

1. There needs to be an image

This can be an image of your freebie mock-up, an image of you, or anything else that helps represent your freebie.

2. Include the freebie title + description

You want to make sure you are including your freebie’s title on your landing page. You’ll see some landing pages that say “sign up for our mailing list” – this is what we would replace with your freebie title. What is your reader signing up for? That’s what you want as your title.

Below your freebie title, you want to have a description of what your freebie is. This should only be a couple sentences. Quick, concise, and to the point. What is the freebie and what problem is it going to solve?

3. A place for email sign-up

You also want to include an area where they can sign up for your email list. This is as simple as having the form where they input their email and click a button! You can also ask them to include their name and you will see a lot of buttons that say things like “download now” or “give me my freebie” – show off your brand’s voice and have fun with it.

Don’t forget: Keep 👏 it 👏 simple 👏

This isn’t a sales page, so as much as you want to include all the wonderful information about your freebie, you don’t need to convince anyone to buy it – remember this is FREE content! All of that knowledge base that you want to share about your freebie, you, and your business can all be included in your email sequence that starts when they sign up.

If you ABSOLUTELY need to include a little bit more information than a couple sentences to describe your freebie, make sure it is below the opt-in section. If your reader has to scroll to find where they need to opt-in and download your freebie, you’re undoubtedly losing potential sign ups.

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Meet Jenny

My passion lies in helping eCommerce brands achieve big goals through results-driven Facebook Ads. As a former math teacher turned numbers nerd, I’ve found my calling in empowering other business owners while cherishing my own family time. I founded Ads Uncorked to grant you more family time while you toast to a stress-free ad experience with our team.

Hi, I'm Jenny.
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