How to Create Ad Variations Quickly

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How to Create Ad Variations Quickly

Hey there! It's Jenny from Ads Uncorked.

If you've been following me for a while, you know I always preach that you need to try out multiple versions of your ads.If you're not doing this, you're simply wasting your money. By trying out multiple versions of an ad, you're able to see pretty quickly which ad is doing better, and make sure you're funneling money towards what's working best.

This tutorial shows you how to quickly duplicate your Instagram and Facebook Ads, to make multiple different variations.

First, we go into our ad set, into our ad level, then I'm going to simply click "Duplicate." You can put it either in an existing campaign or ad set, or create new ones. 

Now, like I mentioned, it's super important to try out multiple different versions. Here are a few different options to try:

Change your text

Now what you can do is keep the same image and swap out the text for a slightly different version of the text. Maybe try adding an emoji in, or phrasing your message in a little different way. 

Try a new image

Another option is try a new image in the ad and keep the existing text. Reminder there's also a free photo stock library under Account Images > Stock photos that we can use in our ads! The watermark will disappear after you publish your ads.

Change the Headline

Another way we can change things up is try a different headline, or a different Call to Action button. After you click publish, you're good to go. This little hack allows you to not recreate the wheel every single time you want to create a new ad.


You'd be surprised by how even the smallest tweak will make a difference in your conversions and cost per conversion. You're going to want to keep tabs on the performance of your old ad vs. this new ad, to determine which is yielding better results.

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