iOS14 + Facebook Ads: What you need to know to continue running Facebook Ads

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iOS14 + Facebook Ads: What you need to know to continue running Facebook Ads

If you keep up on techy news, you’ve likely heard murmurings for a while now about Apple iOS14 and how it will affect the landscape of ads…not just Instagram and Facebook ads, but on other social platforms too! Pinterest, TikTok, all of it. I’m here to reassure you that I don’t think this will be at detrimental as advertisers originally thought, BUT a shift in strategy and set up is definitely in order!!

Woah, woah. What's going on?

With the new Apple iOS14 update, users can now opt out of being tracked when they make the upgrade on their Apple devices. With this new roll out, the way we go about advertising is going to look a little different. Rest, assured I will have the resources to help you make the transition!


How will this affect ads?

1. Your retargeting audiences will be smaller

If people opt out of tracking, you won’t be able to reach them with retargeting ads like you were previously able to.


2. Your attribution window will change

Previously we could see what happened up to 28 days after someone saw an ad. For example, if someone saw your ad, then waited a couple weeks to make their purchase, we were able to see that. With the new roll out, we will be able to see a window up to 7 days, rather than 28 days.


Why should you care?

If you want to know what your return on your ad spend is, then you should care. If you aren’t concerned about understanding your return, then you can disregard this blog post…and let me know where the money tree is planted, while you’re at it 😂


Will ads still work??

Yes, they will!! BUT there will need to be a shift in strategy for our ads moving forward and we also need to ensure our ad accounts are set up properly with the new requirements from Facebook.

Here's what you need to know today about setting up Facebook Ads now that iOS14 is here:

1) You’ll need to verify your domain and choose up to 8 events that you want Facebook to track. Video tutorial coming on this ASAP!!! Make sure to jump on my email list to receive this free tutorial!

2) Work on growing your email list via ads and organically!! A shift in strategy is in order and you better believe I'll have more tangible tips on strategy for this coming 😘

Video tutorial on how to set all of this is coming to the blog within a week!!

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